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Claim for Falling in Public Park

I want to make a claim for falling in public park but have recently been contacted by the park’s insurance company with an offer of compensation for my injuries. Should I do it?

Without knowing the specific details of your claim for falling in public park compensation and the offer that has been made to you, I cannot say whether or not you should accept the claim that you have been offered. However there are a few things that you should bear in mind when you are approached by the negligent party’s insurance company with an unsolicited claim of compensation. The good news is that it means that there is an unofficial acknowledgement of responsibility and that they are eager to settle the claim. Unfortunately the claim they offer will often be inadequate when it comes to the extent of your injuries and the amount the financial compensation you may be in need of to cover medical expenses amongst other consequences of your injury. Generally such an offer is extended not long after the accident has happened, which is not much time for them to accurately assess how much compensation you will genuinely need for your claim for falling in public park.

The reason why they (insurance companies) typically approach the injured party so soon afterwards is to catch them when they may be off guard and still in shock from the incident. In order to save as much money as possible in terms of legal costs, they will hope that the injured party will accept the first offer that is made to them to avoid the potential hassle of litigation. Furthermore, although an offer of compensation may seem like the negligible party is accepting liability for your injuries, a without prejudice offer of compensation is not technically an admission of liability, which can often make people uncomfortable about accepting it.

The only way to know if this unsolicited offer of claim for falling in public park is sufficient enough for your injuries is to consult a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. This is not only so that you may get a full idea of all your options, but also due to the fact that should you accept the compensation that the park’s insurance company have offered you and it turns out to be insufficient for adequately covering your injury, you will not be able to return to them and request more. A solicitor will be able to assess the true value of your claim by evaluating a number of elements related to the accident including the specific circumstances of your public park injury, the severity of you injury and the impact it has made on your life ever since.