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Claim for Falling in Kew Gardens

Should I pursue a claim for falling in Kew Gardens for my 16 year old son or can he do it himself? He injured his leg when he fell in a pothole in a path and he potentially had a promising career in football, something we’re not sure he has anymore.

The only one who can tell you if you should pursue a claim for falling in Kew Gardens is a personal injury claims solicitor who has knowledge of details of the accident and the severity of your son’s injury. As Kew Gardens, like many other public places, owe their patrons a duty of care, your son should be liable to pursue a compensation claim but not on his own behalf. Since he is under 18 he is still a minor, no matter how grown up he may seem. His case will have to be made in the same way that other claims for child injury compensation are. You, or another guardian without a conflict of interest, will have to represent your son when engaging in any legal pursuits or advising a lawyer. This is called being their “litigation friend”. However, if your son wanted to represent himself in this claim he could wait until he turns 18, due to the fact that with child injury claims the usual three-year time-limit in the UK that is imposed on personal claims does not begin until that point.

Negligence will have to be proven in the claim for falling in Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens can only be held liable if they exhibited lack of care with regards to this pothole, so if it was there for a significant amount of time without anything being done to remedy it, or if there were no signposts to alert visitors about the potential hazard, then your son could potentially have a sufficient claim. Your solicitor will be able to work this out, along with how much compensation he (your son) may be entitled to through examining a variety of factors. These factors include his age, sex, general state of health before the accident, costs incurred because of the accident and costs that could be incurred in the near future, as well as any psychological trauma that he has experienced. Thus, if your son has had to undergo expensive medical treatment, or if your house has been renovated in any way in order to help his getting around or perhaps if he has been unable to take part in everyday activities such as socialising and school, this will all be accounted for in his final settlement.

It is advisable to contact a solicitor at the first moment you can to find out your son’s full entitlements in his claim for falling in Kew gardens. If his future career prospects are as damaged as you think they may be, it is important to make sure that he receives the maximum possible settlement for any psychological trauma or future financial losses this may cause.