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Claim for Falling in Elevator

My brother thinks I should make a claim for falling in elevator after I hurt my back when the elevator I was in broke and stopped abruptly causing me to fall. I haven’t been to the doctor because I didn’t think it was serious. It has been getting more painful every day. Am I entitled to compensation?

While you should definitely look into making a claim for falling in elevator compensation, the fact that you did not pursue medical attention directly after your accident demonstrates a lack of regard for your own health and well-being which will not reflect well on you when it comes to pursuing a claim. In fact, you will, most likely, be accused of contributory negligence. This is when either a person can be held as attributable for either causing their injury or exacerbating it.
In this case it does sound as if you caused your back condition to worsen by not seeking immediate medical attention. You also won’t have a record in your medical history of when your back injury was sustained so it may be difficult to link it back to the elevator accident. Before doing anything else it would be advisable for you do visit your local GP or hospital to find out what manner of injury you sustained and how serious it might be.

If you haven’t yet, you should also fill out an account of the incident in the “Accident Report Book” of the premises the elevator accident occurred in. Make sure to retain a copy of your entry afterwards. If possible you should try to get in touch with those who were also in the elevator to see if they sustained similar injuries, as this could be used as evidence to support your claim for falling in elevator. You can also obtain witness statements to include in your accident report. You should also maintain a diary documenting how your back injury may have impacted on your life. Back injuries can be quite debilitating, any instances of it interfering in your ability to take part in your typical, day-to-day life will be taken into account when it comes to evaluating your final claim.

Unfortunately, because of the element of contributory negligence, it is likely that your final settlement will be reduced by a percentage to reflect your lack of care with regards to your injury.

This is merely a general overview and is in no way a full reflection of your entitlements. The only way to find out all your options and if you could be held negligible for your injury is by contacting a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to evaluate your claim using the evidence you have gathered and will be able to inform you of whether your claim for falling in elevator compensation is worth pursuing or not.