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Claim for Falling in Concert Hall

I wish to pursue a claim for falling in concert hall. One night while leaving the concert hall by walking down a flight of stairs, my high heel got caught in a hole in one of the steps and I fell forward and broke a finger and sprained a knee. We went back and complained but the manager said it was my own clumsiness that caused the fall. What should I do?

You should start to gather all the evidence that will support your claim for falling in concert hall and establish that the manager of the concert hall was negligent. Although he denies liability, your injury suggests that the concert hall breached its duty of care which it owes all its patrons while they are on the premises. This means that the whole building be hazard free. The hole in the step that you had the misfortune of walking into is a clear example of negligence on the concert hall’s part.

Your first priority following the incident should have been to seek medical attention so that the condition of your finger and knee did not deteriorate. It would also ensure that you would have a record of the injuries in your medical history which will further strengthen your claim for falling in concert hall. If you have not yet sought medical attention, you still can, however the longer you leave it the more likely the concert hall’s insurance company will accuse you of a lack of care towards your own well-being and your final settlement could be reduced due to contributory negligence.

Even though the manager was not cooperative you should still try to make a report in the concert hall’s “Accident Report Book”. Try to be as comprehensive as possible with regards to the accident where you sustained your injuries. Include every detail you can think of, even statements of those who witnessed the incident. If there was a CCTV camera recording in the vicinity of the area where the accident took place, try to get access to it. Important too would be a picture of the hole in the step and the area around it. Having proof of this would be vital in case the manager goes ahead and fixes the hole in the meantime and you are left without what could be essential evidence.

All of the advice included here is merely a general guide and is by no means an alternative to obtaining advice from a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity. They will be able to evaluate your case using the evidence you have compiled and inform you whether or not your claim for falling in concert hall has a high probability of success.