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Claim for Facial Scarring from Accident

Could you tell me if I am eligible to initiate a claim for facial scarring from accident against my employer? I have recently sustained permanent scarring after hazardous chemicals that were not put away properly fell and spilled on my face resulting in burns and scarring.

You should be entitled to initiate a claim for facial scarring from accident against your employer in this instance as the circumstances of your injury convey a clear breach in the “duty of care” and the responsibilities employers have in ensuring that their employees are provided with a safe working environment. Although the spillage of the chemicals may have been an accident, you say that they were not put away properly; this is a clear indication of employer negligence. Although this mistake could have been the result of a fellow employee’s absent mindedness, it is still up to your employer to establish that the safety of your work surroundings is maintained and that you will have the ability to work without risk of a potential hazard. The fact that you experienced what was probably a severely painful injury to your face due to such carelessness makes your employer liable for the facial scarring that you have suffered.

If you haven’t already, the first thing you should do is compose a report in your employer’s “Accident Report Book” as evidence to support your claim for facial scarring from accident. Here you should be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to the incident where your injury was sustained. Include any witness testimonies if possible and be sure to retain a copy to present to your solicitor later. You should not worry about potential ramifications in the workplace if you decide to make a claim against your employer. UK law ensures that should you choose to take legal action after such an event occurs, it can no way affect your future job prospects. Considering the nature of your injury, it may even be likely that you won’t be in a position to continue with employment. Scarring can be distressing enough, but when it occurs on such an exposed part of your body as your face, the psychological impact it can make on your self-confidence and the ability to take part in everyday life can be huge. Generally women receive more compensation for such injuries than men due to cultural expectations of women to appear attractive. If your injury has affected you in such a way you should maintain a diary documenting any instances where your facial scarring has affected your ability to live your life the way you did prior to the accident.

It is recommended that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience of claim for facial scarring from accident as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to explain to you all your possible options and from the evidence you provide, they can evaluate the strength of your claim and determine your probability of success.