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Claim for Eyebrow Injury

I want to make a claim for eyebrow injury. I recently went to a salon to get my eyebrows waxed which resulted in scarring due to the wax being far too hot. Am I eligible to claim and how much compensation will I get?

It is difficult to calculate how much compensation in a claim for eyebrow injury you could be entitled to obtain without knowing the extent and severity of the injury you have sustained. Nevertheless you should be eligible to make a claim due to the fact that you sustained such a permanent and probably painful injury through merely receiving a basic beauty treatment. Every beauty salon owes a duty of care to their customers and their failure to ensure that appropriate safety precautions were taken before administering you with your beauty treatment suggests that they were negligent. However, the only way to determine the amount you could receive from making this claim is to consult with a personal injury claims solicitor and speak with them about the specific details of your eyebrow injury.

When calculating the amount you are entitled to, many factors will be taken into consideration. These include your age, sex and general state of health prior to the accident, the pain and suffering you endured during and after the accident and the impact it has had on your life and ability to function socially. Instances of the injury affecting your ability to participate in everyday life as you typically would, should be recorded in a diary. This can later be used as evidence for emotional trauma experienced as a result of your scarring. You can also recover any medical expenses and justifiable costs incurred in your claim for eyebrow injury.

This is just a general overview of what could potentially affect the amount of compensation you could obtain. However, because no two eyebrow injuries are the same it is no substitute for obtaining legal advice as soon as it is convenient. A personal injury claims solicitor will be able to establish if you have a case that is worth initiating against the beauty salon in question. If there is a high likelihood of your claim for eyebrow injury being successful, they may offer you legal representation on a “no win, no fee” basis, which basically means that should your case be unsuccessful, you will not be liable for their legal fees. However, you should bear in mind that if you do not succeed, you could be responsible for paying the legal fees of the defence. All of this should be explained to you in your initial consultation with your solicitor.