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Claim for Cracked Tooth in Accident

I would like to claim for cracked tooth in accident compensation as I recently cracked a tooth after hitting my head off the steering wheel of my car after driving over a severe pothole that the local council have been promising to do something about for months. Is it possible to make a claim against them?

This particular claim for cracked tooth in accident compensation could be a tricky one. The local council has a responsibility of care to the local community when it comes to the maintenance of potentially hazardous paths and roads, therefore failing to repair a pothole after months of promising to do so may mean that they could be held liable for your accident. However, it will still be necessary to prove negligence. Have you retained and recorded any proof of them promising to address this pothole? The local council’s inspection records could very well say that they didn’t deem the pothole to be an immediate hazard, or that they planned on addressing the problem soon as possible. If this is the case then your claim for cracked tooth in accident may be difficult. You must also be sure that you weren’t yourself in any way responsible for the accident, say for example if it happened at night and you didn’t have your headlights on or if you were talking on your mobile phone.

Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to compile as much proof as possible to show that they are negligible after the accident occurs, but of course not at the expense of your injury. Your first priority should be your dental health lest it manifests into something worse or you later be accused of contributory negligence. You should obtain the immediate dental treatment necessary for your cracked tooth. This way you will have a record in your dental history proving that you did not have a cracked tooth prior to this accident taking place. You should then report the incident to your local council, take pictures of the pothole and gather witness statements from those who were present at the accident and any other evidence you can think of. You should also keep note of any of the expenses incurred due to your dental injury, as well as any pain and suffering you experienced because of the accident in addition to any effect it had on your emotional state of mind and lifestyle.

It is important that you then contact a personal injury claims solicitor to assist you in pursuing a claim against your local council for negligence. They will be able to assess and evaluate the evidence you have compiled for your potential claim and will agree to represent you should they consider your claim for cracked tooth in accident compensation likely to be a success.