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Claim for Compensation for Lip Injury in Accident

What are my chances of success in a claim for compensation for lip Injury in accident after I sustained permanent scarring on my lip in a car crash for which I was partially to blame?

You may still have success in a claim for compensation for lip Injury in accident for which you were partially to blame, however the amount of compensation you receive could be reduced significantly, depending on the extent of your contributory negligence. The extent of your liability will be up for debate and will depend on the specific circumstances of your accident and in what manner you contributed to it. Some instances of contributory negligence could be if your injury was attributable to you not wearing a seatbelt or if the crash was caused by you recklessly driving under the influence of alcohol. You will also have to prove that the other driver or pedestrian involved in the accident was partially to blame.

Procedures to follow after the incident to ensure that the other party’s liability is proven include seeking medical treatment at the first possible moment so that your injury will be recorded in your medical history, reporting the accident to the police if they did not attend the scene and also collecting any witness statements from those who were present at the time that the accident occurred. Additionally, if the accident took place in a busy area it may have been caught by CCTV cameras, therefore it would be wise to request access to this footage to further support your claim and the assertion that you were only partially liable.

Claim for compensation for lip injury in accident with regards to permanent scarring can also have a high chance of you receiving compensation for any emotional trauma endured as a result. If your personal appearance was an important aspect to your well-being prior to the accident, you should maintain a diary recording how your lip scarring has damaged your self-confidence, your ability to take part in social events and what used to be regular past times and activities. Any medical expenses and legitimate costs incurred as a result of your lip injury accident can also be recovered.

The only way to truly gauge your probability of success in your lip injury claim where you are partially to blame is to contact a solicitor as soon possible. You can speak with them about the specific circumstances of your accident and present them with any evidence you have assembled. From this information they will be able to evaluate the likelihood of success and also estimate how much your final settlement may be reduced by to reflect your contributory negligence. If they deem your claim to have a sufficient chance of success, they will agree to provide you with legal representation in your claim for compensation for lip injury in accident.