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Claim for Church Injury Claims

Is it possible to make a claim for church injury claims? I broke multiple bones in my arm in my local church after a heavy statue fell off the wall and hit me. I don’t know if they can compensate me.

It is certainly possible to make a claim for church injury claims. All buildings that are opened to the public owe a duty of care to the people that may attend them. That means that the Church had an obligation to maintain a safe environment for the public to pray in. Although it may seem like a church would be one place that could be immune to having claims being made against them, that is not the case. Every church has a public liability insurance policy that is held by their diocese. Although you may find it may seem odd to initiate a claim for compensation against a place of God, it is well within your rights. Your local church was negligent in the obligation of safety it has for you and the rest of the general public.

A claim for church injury claims could also insure that you are well compensated for the multiple broken bones in your arm. A broken arm can be serious in itself, but multiple breaks can lead to a permanent disability and lifelong pain if not treated correctly. It is advisable that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in church injury claims as soon as it is convenient in order to discuss the severity of your injury.

They will be able to evaluate your claim with regards to special damages and loss of amenity. These areas of compensation claim account for the costs you have incurred or will incur as a direct result of your injury and then the changes it has made to your life. For example costs incurred could include the medical expenses of your injury or the subsequent costs of having to take alternative transport instead of driving or making home renovations to help deal with your arm. Loss of amenity will take into account your lack of ability to take part in what used to be your average life, such as social events, leisure activities and even cleaning the house.

It is likely that your arm’s multiple fractures will make an impact on your life so the sooner you discuss the specific circumstances of the accident and the injury you have sustained, the sooner you will be able to address the changes you will have to make. The solicitor will be able to advise you on the strength of your potential claim for church injury claims and they can tell you whether or not it is advisable to pursue it.