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Claim for Chipped Tooth in Accident

I wish to pursue a claim for chipped tooth in accident as I recently sustained a chipped tooth after a road traffic accident where I hit my head against the steering wheel after another car struck mine from behind. How should I begin to pursue this? I have never sought compensation following an accident before.

Due to the nature of your accident you should contact a solicitor to initiate a claim for chipped tooth in accident as soon as possible. Rear end car accidents are among the most common type of car accident in the UK; it is unfortunate that you had to go through that. There are certain procedures you should follow directly after an accident occurs. If it can be established that the accident was caused by the other driver’s lack of care, then you have grounds to pursue a claim against their insurance company. Hopefully you exchanged insurance details with the negligent driver directly following the accident, if not the police may be able to pinpoint their location. If the negligent driver does not possess adequate insurance, you could be eligible to pursue a claim against the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), an organisation set up to allow drivers to claim insurance when negligent drivers cannot be identified.

If you did not report the accident to the police directly after the car accident, it is vital that you do so as soon as possible so that there is an official record of the incident. Once you have knowledge of the tooth injury you have sustained, you should also pursue medical treatment at the first possible moment. Your dental history will convey that the chipped tooth was a recent occurrence and immediate medical treatment will show that you looking after your health was a top priority. Your dental record will subsequently provide evidence that any consequences of your chipped tooth injury were not due to your “lack of care”.

The next step will then be to contact a personal injury claims solicitor to discuss the circumstances of your claim for chipped tooth in an accident. Most offer a free initial consultation, so you needn’t worry about potential costs. They will evaluate your claim by taking factors into account like your age, sex and gender, the severity of your chipped tooth, the pain suffered during the accident, dental costs incurred and any potential impact your injury may have on your day to day life. After assessing this information, the solicitor will advise you on whether or not you have a sufficient enough case to make a compensation claim.