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Claim for Burned Hair from Hairdryer in Hair Salon

Can I make a claim for burned hair from hairdryer in hair salon? I had complained that the hairdryer was too hot, but the hairdresser continued regardless, causing my injury.

It may be possible to claim for burned hair from hairdryer in hair salon if, as you mentioned, you had protested that the hairdryer being used was too hot and this was ignored. If this was the case, the hair salon could have acted negligently and as a result you may be entitled to claim compensation. However there is a possibility that the hairdresser tending to you may not have heard your words because of the hairdryer’s noise level. If witnesses were present who could confirm that you had protested about the heat of the hairdryer this could be useful to support your claim, or if another past patron of the salon had endured a similar injury or experience their testimony can also be used as evidence. This may be easier to establish when you make a report of your injury in the “Accident Report Book” of the salon. You are advised to engage the services of a personal injury solicitor when pursuing a claim for compensation.

Once negligence has been established for your claim for burned hair from hairdryer in hair salon, the next step is to determine the amount of compensation which you can claim for your injury. This may be determined on how badly your skin has been damaged and whether a visible scar will be left as a result of the injury. It is also important that you visit a medical professional immediately after sustaining an injury – not only to prevent further deterioration of your condition, but also to ensure that a record is made of your injury in your medical history. This is an essential prerequisite before making a compensation claim.

The amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive could be greatly influenced by your medical notes. As well as the injuries themselves, your compensation may take into account any quantifiable expenses you incurred because of your injury, the manner in which the injury has affected your quality of life and for any psychological trauma you have sustained as a result of your injuries. You are also advised to take photographic evidence of your injury, in order to demonstrate its visibility at close and long range.

As initiating a claim for compensation can be a complicated procedure, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity following an injury. A solicitor can guide you through the required process, offer to represent the claim on your behalf and answer any questions you may have on making a claim for burned hair from hairdryer in hair salon.