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Claim for Accident in Zoo

I burned my hand on very hot food I purchased from a vendor at the zoo. Can I claim for accident in zoo? I didn’t think it was serious but I visited a doctor soon after and he said that I will have permanent scarring from the burn.

It is likely you will be entitled to make a claim for accident in zoo. While it may at first seem silly to think that purchasing food from a vendor can lead to such a serious injury, your case may reflect otherwise.

Every establishment that deals with the general public, such as zoos and food vendors, have an obligation of care to their customers. This means that they must provide a safe environment while customers are on the premises. In the case of a food vendor, they must ensure that safety measures regarding food safety are adhered to. This means that food must be cooked thoroughly and in a hygienic manner to avoid instances of food poisoning. It also means that the food being served should be of a safe temperature. The food you purchased must have been of an immense temperature for it to affect your hand in such a way.

Your injury also demonstrates perfectly why one should always receive prompt professional medical attention following an accident. Although an injury may not appear always to be serious at first, oftentimes things are not as bad as they seem. With burns in particular the pain you feel may not reflect the damage that has been inflicted. Because you obtained treatment beyond that of first aid administered at the zoo, you have a better idea of the serious nature of your burn. Additionally, you will now have a record of the accident in your medical history that can be used as evidence in your claim for accident in zoo compensation.

You should also make sure to compose a report in the zoo’s “Accident Report Book”. You should try to be as comprehensive as possible about the events that led to your injury, including the names of any members of staff that gave you assistance and also the testimonies from anyone who may have witnessed the scene unfold.

The first thing you should do is contact a personal injury claims solicitor. Only they will be able to provide concrete advice on the strength of your claim and how much you could be entitled to receive. In evaluating your claim for accident in zoo they will take into consideration your age, sex, general state of health prior to the accident and the impact it has made and is likely to make on your life, both financially and psychologically.