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Claim for Accident in Night Club

Am I entitled to make a claim for accident in night club? I went out for my birthday and reserved the VIP area for my friends. We were not told that the area was being renovated slightly. I tripped over some tools that were left lying about and sprained my ankle.

You could be entitled to make a claim for accident in night club. Public establishments such as nightclubs owe their customers a duty of care. What this means is that for the period of time that their customers are frequenting the establishment, it is the nightclub’s responsibility to ensure that there is no risk to their health and safety present in the surrounding environment. The night club may have been in breach of this duty of care when you sustained an injury from tripping over the tools that were left lying about.

Your first priority directly following the accident should have been to seek professional medical attention. Not only does doing so promptly after an accident ensure that your injury will not worsen, but it will also support your claim for accident in night club. This is because it will provide evidence of when your injury was sustained due to the fact that your appointment will be documented in your medical history. If you haven’t already, you should compose a report in the night club’s “Accident Report Book” making sure to retain a copy of it. This report should be a comprehensive account of the circumstances of the accident. Include, if possible, testimonials from anyone who witnessed your trip and also the names of any staff members who provided assistance. You should also request access to CCTV footage that may have recorded the incident.

You should make sure to contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience of night club accident claims as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to provide you with more specific advice than I have been able to provide here, in addition to informing you of the next step you should take. They will evaluate your claim by taking into account the evidence you have compiled and also your age, sex, gender, typical state of health and any affect your injury has had on your day to day life. They will then be able to advise you on whether or not you have a sufficient claim for accident in night club compensation.