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Claim for Accident in Funfair

I recently got hit by a falling piece of scaffolding at a funfair. How much compensation for accident in funfair can I get?

The amount of compensation for accident in funfair you will be able to receive is going to be subject to a variety of factors, not least the severity of the injury you sustained. Everything about the injury will have to be taken into consideration before your potential claim can be evaluated, including where it is located and how minor or long-term it may be. Other elements that will need to be taken into account include your health before the accident took place, your age, sex and any suffering and pain endured during the accident. If the injury has caused any financial or psychological repercussions in your life then you may also be compensated for this. This can cover medical expenses, income lost from being incapable of work and the inability to take part in daily activities such as social events and household chores. With all that to consider, there is no way I could possibly tell you how much claim you are entitled to without first knowing all the facts.

The success of your claim is also going to depend on proving the funfair were negligent in your accident. You will have to establish whether the falling scaffolding was a result of the lack of care of another individual such as the landowner, local authority or fairground ride operator, or the due to the negligence of the funfair owners. Compiling any evidence you may have will also be useful, for example the testimonials of anyone around who witnessed the accident and also a copy of a comprehensive account of the incident you should have made in the funfair’s “Accident Report Book”. You should also have made your health and safety a top priority following the accident by receiving professional medical treatment. This will ensure that your injury will have been looked after properly and would also provide evidence of the accident via your medical history.

The only one who will be able to provide you with an accurate calculation of how much claim for accident in funfair you could get is a personal injury claims solicitor who has experience in dealing with funfair injuries. They will consider all of the aforementioned elements of your potential injury claim and they will then inform you of whether or not pursuing this claim would be advisable.