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Claim for Accident at Thorpe Park

I want to make a claim for accident at Thorpe Park. When I was getting off one of their rides the metal safety bar fell and smashed my tooth. However I just got offered compensation by Thorpe Park’s insurance company and I’m not sure if I should just accept that instead.

It may not be advisable to accept this offer of claim for accident at Thorpe Park. It is recommended that you should never accept an unsolicited offer of compensation from a third party insurance company without first presenting the figure to a solicitor. They will be able to assess whether or not it is adequate enough to cover your tooth injury and if you may be entitled to more compensation. What the insurance company is doing in this instance is called third party capture. They are approaching you with an offer at this time because you still may in shock about the injury and more likely to inadvertently accept an offer that will not sufficiently cover the expenses associated with your smashed tooth. They won’t have had time to properly assess the extent and severity of your injury so it is unlikely that it will be sufficient, in spite of the temptation of an instant settlement.

The good news is that, because you were approached with an offer of compensation, there is some acknowledgment of responsibility with regards to the tooth injury you sustained in Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park, like any other theme park, owes their customers a duty of care. There was evidently a fault with your safety bar, which demonstrates a failure on the part of Thorpe Park to provide their customers with a safe environment. This sort of negligence is not a good image of Thorpe Park to be projecting the thousands of visitors who attend it each year, so they will likely be eager to settle your claim for accident at Thorpe Park without delay.

You should take no further action until you contact a personal injury solicitor at the first possible moment. Only they will be able to evaluate whether or not the offer is fair and if you should go ahead and initiate a claim for accident at Thorpe Park. A smashed tooth can be both a painful injury and a distressing injury to those who are invested in their appearance. It would be wise for you to pursue your claim right away so that the medical expenses related to treating your tooth injury will be covered without delay.