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Claim for Accident at Concert

Can I claim for accident at concert compensation? My ear was torn at a concert when the security guards let too many people into the mosh pit. How much could I get?

You should be eligible to claim for accident at concert compensation. The owners of the venue where the accident occurred owe concert goers a duty of care. This means that while patrons are on the premises, the venue must do all it can to ensure that there is a safe concert environment where those attending won’t be exposed to any harm. These security guards who allowed too many people into the mosh pit may have demonstrated a breach in this duty of care and thus the venue could be held liable for the ear injury you have sustained.

Although you may have received first aid treatment at the scene, it is always advisable to seek professional medical treatment after an accident. A doctor will be able to determine if you have suffered permanent scarring, and your visit will then be recorded in your medical history. You should also ensure that you make a report the accident in the venue’s “Accident Report Book” making sure to retain a copy. This is so that the venue will be informed of the accident that took place.

It will also give you further evidence to support your claim for accident at concert. Be wary though if the venue’s insurance companies approach you with an unsolicited offer of compensation. Typically, the amount they offer will not sufficiently cover the injury an accident victim has sustained. Only a personal injury claims solicitor who knows the details of the accident and the severity of your injury will be able to inform you of what you could expect to receive for your torn ear injury.
Compensation amounts for cosmetic ear injuries can range from £2200 to £62000 depending on the severity of scarring and your gender. Women will receive more compensation than a male for scarring injury due to cultural expectations of attractiveness. Severe scarring can lead to psychological injuries and the ability to take part in normal, everyday life so this will also be taken into consideration when evaluating a claim.

It is advisable that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible to discuss the details of your claim for accident at concert. The information provided here is by no means exhaustive; a solicitor will be able to provide accurate advice that is specific to your case. From the information and evidence that you provide them with, they will be able to inform you of whether or not your case is worth pursuing and how much you could expect to obtain.