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Claim Compensation for Nerve Damage from Accident

I recently suffered nerve damage from a car crash and need to claim compensation for nerve damage from accident. However I was recently approached by the negligent driver’s insurance company not long after the accident with an offer of compensation that seems fair. Should I bother making a claim or should I just accept it?

I cannot tell you whether or not you should accept this amount of claim compensation for nerve damage from accident however “fair” it may seem without firstly knowing the nature and severity of your injuries and secondly knowing the value of the claim. The only way of knowing if the offer made by the insurance company is truly fair is by consulting a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment.

They will be able to assess the offer and advise you of whether or not it is adequate and if it is likely to cover the costs incurred attributable to your nerve damage injury. The reason why the insurance company contacted you so soon after the accident is because you are in a vulnerable position. It is likely you are still trying to come to terms with your injury in terms of both the financial and emotional consequences of it.

Insurance companies are eager to settle such claims as soon as possible so that they can save money and often engage in unsolicited offers of compensation with the injured party. This is called third party capture. Typically, by approaching the injured party directly at such a time they are more likely to accept whatever cash settlement an insurance company may offer, perhaps because for the injured party the thought of pursuing a legal claim is overwhelming and an instant is settlement could feasibly resolve any financial hardships they may be experiencing.

With nerve damage in particular, the potential severity of such an injury is huge. An insurance company would be eager to take advantage of how susceptible the impact of your injury may have left you. You did not go into the specifics of your nerve damage injury, but such an injury can often take years to heal and even cause paralysis. When attempting to claim compensation for nerve damage from accident, or any other severe injury, you should not be hasty in accepting an unsolicited offer of compensation because once you accept it you will not be able to go back and ask for more. You needn’t worry about the initiation of your claim being prolonged, generally when a third party insurance company contacts you with an offer of compensation it means that they effectively acknowledge the liability of their policyholder and if your make a claim against them there should be a good chance of success.

This is merely general advice and no substitute for contacting a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible in relation to claim compensation for nerve damage from accident.