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Claim Compensation for Knee Ligament Injury in Accident

If I were to claim compensation for knee ligament injury in accident would I obtain enough to cover the cost of an essential reconstructive knee surgery?

With regards to trying to claim compensation for knee ligament injury in accident, there are many factors to be considered when estimating the value of someone’s claim. Without knowing the nature, extent and severity of your knee ligament injury there is no possible way to evaluate your claim. There is then the subject of the circumstances of the accident in which you sustained your injury in relation to how it happened and whether or not there is a third party that can be held liable, such as another driver in a car collision, an employer for an accident at work, the owner of a restaurant where you slipped and fell or perhaps even the local council if you sustained injury because of a road or footpath that hadn’t been properly maintained.

If there is no negligent party, then there is no claim to make. Another factor to consider is that of contributory negligence. This is when you yourself have in any way contributed to your accident. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to make a claim, however it is likely to affect the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim.

If your knee ligament injury is severe enough that it requires reconstructive surgery, then it is likely that this cost will be taken into consideration when calculating the compensation that you will be entitled to for knee ligament injury in accident. When a claim is being calculated, medical expenses are taken into account, as well as other elements such as the suffering and pain experienced at the time of the accident, the effect of has had on your subsequent daily life and any psychological trauma you have endured because of it. However, bear in mind that if contributory negligence is an issue, your final settlement will be reduced to reflect that, perhaps meaning that a reconstructive knee ligament surgery may not be fully covered.

The only way to find out the potential of your claim is to consult a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity. They will be able to assess your claim taking into consideration the factors mentioned above and based on that assessment they will advise you of whether or not your claim is worth pursuing and if you are likely to receive enough to cover the cost of an essential reconstructive knee surgery.