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Claim Compensation for Food Poisoning in a Chicken Cottage Restaurant

You may be entitled to claim compensation for food poisoning in a Chicken Cottage restaurant if you have contracted a gastrointestinal infection from a meal you purchased and consumed in Chicken Cottage.

The most common types of food poisoning are caused by campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, listeria and clostridium bacteria. However, there have been an increasing number of cases of food borne illnesses caused by E.Coli in recent years. A claim for Chicken Cottage food poisoning can be made for any bacterial infection that causes food poisoning, although your illness must be diagnosed – and the bacterial infection identified – in order for a claim for injury compensation for an illness from a restaurant to be successful so that the illness can be linked with the restaurant.

Linking your illness to the restaurant is easiest if the Environmental Health Department finds traces of contaminated food after making an inspection, so you should contact the Environmental Health department to report your illness as soon as possible. Environmental Health officers can then visit the restaurant to conduct an inspection to help establish how you became ill after eating in a Chicken Cottage restaurant. You should either make this report personally or ask a loved one to do this for you if you are still suffering from symptoms of food poisoning.

After your illness has been reported, and you have recovered from the worst of the symptoms, you should also make a written complaint to the manager of the restaurant, or return to make a report of your illness in the restaurants accident book.

If you are unsure about the steps that you should take in order to make a food poisoning in Chicken Cottage claim or if you require specific legal advice about claiming compensation for an illness from Chicken Cottage food you should speak with an independent personal injury solicitor as soon as possible.

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