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Child Injury Compensation Claims

Taking Care of your Child

In the UK more than 3,000 children are injured on the road each year. If your child is involved in an accident the first thing you need to do is immediately get them to hospital to be checked out and treated if necessary. All other considerations must be put to one side until you know your child is healthy. If your child has suffered injuries in a road accident you must instantly phone the ambulance and police.

No matter where you are, the nearest hospital’s casualty department should be your first port of call. Failing this, make an emergency appointment with your doctor if your child is injured. Even if you feel that the injuries are far from serious, take the above precautions because your child’s safety is not something to be taken lightly. Injuries suffered in car accidents are not always visible or immediately apparent. You would never forgive yourself if your lax approach to your child’s health led to serious health issues down the line.

It is also important to take your child to hospital if they are involved in an accident as their attendance will be recorded, and this can be used later on should you decide you have reason to make a claim. So as well as ensuring that they are ok, getting your child to divulge the full details of their injuries is necessary for potential legal procedures in the future.

Talking to your solicitor

Once you are satisfied that your child is safe and well, speaking with your solicitor should be your next step. The sooner you do this, the quicker the legal process of evidence collection and getting statements from witnesses can begin. Getting statements from those at the scene as soon as possible is crucial because their mind is still fresh. With a child injury claim their parent or guardian’s name is used instead of theirs when proceedings begin. This adult figure then acts as the child’s ‘next friend’ during the case.

Sadly, it is a often the case that both the child and parent are injured in the same accident. Although they are technically two separate cases, the logical thing to do is for the same solicitor to handle both cases which is precisely what does occur.

Child injury claim time limits

Minor victims are given extra time to file a compensation claim. The Statute of Limitations normally only allows the plaintiff to make a claim for up to three years after the ‘date of knowledge’ of injuries sustained in the accident. However, when it comes to minors, the ‘date of knowledge’ does not come into effect until they reach the age of eighteen. In essence, the clock doesn’t start to tick on their claim until they reach their eighteenth birthday. This means that a child injury claim can be made by a minor until they reach their twenty-first birthday.

If your child has been injured in a road accident and you feel that you have a strong child injury claim, contact your solicitor for a no win, no fee service. This allows you to make a compensation claim safe in the knowledge that even if you are unsuccessful, your legal firm will take care of all costs.