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Broken Leg on a Construction Site Injury Claim

How do I make a broken leg on a construction site injury claim? Unstable scaffolding recently fell on top of me, breaking my leg, and I have been unable to work for three months as a result.

In order to make a broken leg on a construction site injury claim, an accident and injury must have occurred for which you are not primarily to blame. Your employer has a duty of care to provide their employees with a safe environment in which to work. Should they fail in this duty of care and an accident occurs in the workplace, they may be held negligent for any injuries which occur. In your case, it must be determined whether the appropriate safety standards were applied with the scaffolding. If not, your employer can be held liable for your accident and injury, making you eligible to claim compensation for broken leg on construction site.

Your immediate priority following an accident should not be to pursue a broken leg on a construction site injury claim, but to seek medical attention for your injuries. This should be done to create a record of your injury in your medical history and to prevent the further deterioration of your injuries. This is crucial not only for the sake of your health, but also to ensure that your claim is not affected by allegations of contributory negligence. If it is determined that the extent of your injury was worsened by your lack of action, this may result in a reduction in the compensation you can claim.

Once medical attention has been sought, the process for broken leg injury claim on construction site can begin. If you have not already done so, you are advised to report your accident in the Accident Report Book of your employer. You should also contact a personal injury solicitor, with whom you can discuss the details of your case and who can determine the amount of compensation you can claim. When sufficient evidence has been gathered of your employer’s negligence, a Letter of Claim can be sent by your solicitor to your employer (or their insurers). Three weeks are given to acknowledge the letter, after which they are given three months to conduct an investigation and accept or reject liability for your injury. If accepted, compensation can then be negotiated. If rejected, your solicitor may initiate court action, although the claim may be settled out of court before this happens.

Making a personal injury claim can be a long and difficult process. To ensure that your claim is professionally handled and to increase the likelihood of a successful claim, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity if you have a valid broken leg on a construction site injury claim.