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Brain Injury in a Motorbike Crash

I am eager to pursue compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike crash but need guidance before proceeding. My husband was involved in a road traffic accident last year which left him hospitalised with a brain injury that may mean that he could be permanently paralysed. Since then, I have been struggling to pay the bills and keep our three children in clean clothes and properly fed. Is there anyway a claim for compensation could provide my family with some help?

It may be possible for you to pursue compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike accident on behalf of your husband however you must be able to prove that someone other than your husband was at fault for his accident before you may proceed. To do this, you will need the help of a personal injury claims solicitor, who will be able to help you to identify the negligent party. This is most likely to be a negligent driver whose actions caused your husband to crash, although it could also be a local council, utility company or land owner if the crash was caused by an improperly maintained road or street fixtures.

After identifying who you believe is responsible for your husband’s brain injury in a motorbike crash, you may proceed to build your claim. With guidance from your solicitor you will be able to compile the best possible claim for compensation for a motorbike accident. This may involve gathering evidence – CCTV footage, witness statements, photographs, medical reports and whatever else your solicitor feels will help to bring about a favourable resolution.

Despite it being months after the accident, the extent of your husband’s brain injury may still be unclear. Brain injuries can often manifest themselves in different ways – cognitively, behaviourally or physically – and determining the full extent of a brain injury can often take months or years. Because of this, it May be difficult how much compensation you may be able to retrieve.

It is important that you do not allow too much time to elapse before pursuing a claim for compensation. Although your future remains uncertain it is important that you begin preparing your claim immediately. This is because compensation claims pursued in the UK are subject to a three-year time limit imposed by the Statue of Limitations. If you wait too long to pursue your claim, you risk it becoming time-barred.

Compensation for a motorbike accident is best sought with the assistance of a personal injury claim solicitor. Although, as you mentioned in your question, it is difficult for you to pay the family bills, speaking with a solicitor may cost you nothing as many solicitors in the UK now offer free initial consultations to potential claimants like you. In order to pursue a claim for compensation for brain injury in a motorbike crash, speak with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.