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Back Injury in a Motorbike Crash

I recently suffered a back injury in a motorbike crash when, after noticing a bus ahead of me travelling on the wrong side of the road, I pulled off the road, landing in a ditch – am I eligible to claim for compensation?

You may be entitled to claim compensation for suffering a back injury in a motorbike crash if you are able to prove that your accident was the fault of the bus driver who had guided the bus into your path. Being injured while riding a motorbike can be a traumatic experience, and because the frame of a motorbike does not provide the same amount of protection to a rider as the body of a car does to an occupant, the injuries sustained can often be more severe.

Whatever their nature, back injuries are always serious. Many back injuries like pulled muscles or ligaments can be excruciatingly painful, while others like spinal damage can be debilitating and often permanent and life-changing. As many people are unaware of the dangers posed by back injuries, they often attempt to suffer through the pain rather than seek help from a medical professional – if you have not already sought medical attention you should do so immediately by contacting your GP or making your way to the nearest Accident and Emergency room.

Aside from being vital to safeguarding your health, a visit to the hospital will allow you to have your injury recorded in a medical report, a document which may add weight to your claim for compensation for an injury sustained during a road traffic accident. Your medical report may be requested by the bus driver whose actions prompted you to pull off the road, their employers or their insurers as proof that you have in fact sustained a back injury in a motorbike crash.

After evaluating your claim for being injured while riding a motorbike, the party which you are claiming against may decide whether or not to accept liability. Their evaluation may involve them going through your evidence. Any CCTV footage, pictures of your motorbike or injuries, or accident reports which you may be able to obtain should be readied before this. A claim for a road traffic accident compensation is always more likely to be successful when the most convincing evidence possible is presented.

If liability is accepted, your solicitor will engage with the negligent party in an attempt to win the maximum possible amount of compensation for being injured while riding a motorbike. If not, you will have to decide whether it is worth taking your road traffic accident any further.

In order to have the best possible chance of securing the maximum amount of compensation, you will need to prepare the best claim possible. In order to do this, you should contact a personal injury claims solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity and explain to them how you suffered your back injury in a motorbike crash.