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Ankle Sprain Compensation Claim

I was browsing in a local clothes shop when I slipped on part of the floor that was wet sustaining a sprained ankle. Am I eligible to pursue an ankle sprain compensation claim?

You may be entitled to pursue an ankle sprain compensation claim provided you can demonstrate that the owners of the clothes shop were at least partially to blame for your fall and subsequent injury. If something had spilled or cleaning staff were washing the floor they should have received health and safety training to know that they must erect hazard signs to warn the public about the wet floor.

However if the floor was wet because a customer had spilled water or some other liquid on the floor moments before you slipped then it may have been unreasonable to expect the shop owners or staff to be aware of hazard and it is unlikely you would be entitled to make an ankle sprain compensation claim for your injures.

You will need to gather evidence to support your claim if you intend to seek compensation. A medical report of your injury, CCTV footage of the incident (if available) and testimonies of witnesses are all elements that could prove useful in supporting your compensation claim. You should also record the incident in the shop’s ‘Accident Report Book’.

Being a local shop the owners may be known to you and therefore you may be apprehensive about seeking compensation for your injuries, this is quite natural however it is important to remember that any compensation claim you make will be against the shop’s insurance company and not the shop owners.

Once you are satisfied with the evidence you have gathered you are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to evaluate your claim based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and advise accordingly if it is worthwhile pursuing an ankle sprain compensation claim.