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Six-Figure Settlement for Stress at Work Injury Claims Action

January 12, 2012

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) – Scotland´s largest teaching union – has released selected details of work injury claims settlements paid to its members in the last year, including one which saw a teacher receive a six-figure settlement for their stress at work claim.

The unnamed teacher suffered a stress-related psychiatric injury after their employer did not heed the teacher´s warnings of an excessive workload and EIS General Secretary, Ronnie Smith, was quick to point out that the growth of cases where teachers were sustaining psychiatric injuries or stress-related illnesses should be taken as a warning by council employers that the demands placed upon teachers was becoming too much.

In addition to stress at work compensation claims, other occupational injury compensation payments were made to teachers who had suffered physical attacks from children under their care and one EIS member who contracted mesothelioma cancer after being exposed to asbestos. Overall, EIS members received in excess of 650,000 pounds in work injury claims compensation in the last year.

A Scottish government spokesman said: “Work-related stress can take many forms and affect individuals in different ways. The Scottish government expects councils to take appropriate action at a local level to minimise the risk of stress or injury and any related claims through their own local health and safety procedures for staff and pupils.”


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