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Playground Fall Injury Claims Compensation Awarded to Teenager

January 18, 2012

A teenage boy who fell and broke his wrist on a Dublin City Council playground has had an offer of compensation in respect of his playground fall injury claim approved at the Circuit Civil Court.

Terence Power (15) from Dublin fell in the playground at St. Mary´s Place while playing football. The accident happened after Terence caught his foot in a poorly maintained perimeter fence and, after X-rays revealed that he had suffered an undisclosed fracture of the left wrist, Terence had to wear a plaster cast for five weeks.

Circuit Civil Court President, Mr. Matthew Deery, was told how the accident had hindered Terence´s training to be a boxer and that Dublin City Council had offered 12,000 Euros in settlement of Terence´s playground accident claim. Mr. Deery was told by Terence´s legal advisers that Terence and his family were happy to accept the offer of playground fall compensation, which was duly approved.

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