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Falling Item in Shop Injury Claims Award of £30k

December 18, 2011

A falling item in shop injury claims award of £30,000 has been awarded in the Circuit Civil Court.

Breeda Redican was injured in July 2009 when a tin of paint droppedl on her foot from a shelf at the Homebase store.

The incident happened when Redican asked help finding a specific type of paint from a sales assistant. The assistant showed her the location of the paint on a shelf at face level height but just stood beside Redican while she attempted to left the can of paint.  The can of paint was 2.5 litres and handle on the tin was not visible because the tins were packed close together. Redican was unable to heavy paint tin and it slipped and fell on her right foot.

Redican was wearing sandals and needed stitching on her toes. She has suffered ongoing reduced mobility in her foot with some additional pain.

Homebase denied negligence but the judge awarded £30,000 compensation.

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