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Compensation for Tassimo Burns Could Follow Recall

February 12, 2012

Personal Injury Claims for compensation for Tassimo burns are likely to follow the recall of the Tassimo coffee maker in the United States and Canada, after the manufacturers acknowledged that at least 160 cases of burn injuries and scalding were attributable to a design fault.

The Tassimo coffee machines, which are still on sale in the UK, have been marketed worldwide since 2008, and the Tassimo coffee maker recall has been extended to include 4 million Gevalia, Maxwell House and Nabob espresso T-discs still believed to be in circulation in American grocery stores. The recalled discs come in packets of eight and sixteen and, like the Tassimo coffee making machines, are still available in stores in the UK.

More than 1.7 million Tassimo coffee makers have been taken off the market in North America after the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that the machine´s T-disc – the plastic pot containing the coffee – could explode and shower bystanders with scalding water. Thirty-seven instances of second-degree burns have been reported, including the case of a two-year-old girl who was hospitalised after receiving burns to her face.

Personal Injury claims for Tassimo burns are likely to be made against BSH Home Appliances Corporation – the manufacturers of the Tassimo coffee makers – who are based in Irvine, California. Personal injury claims compensation for a burn from a Tassimo coffee maker should also account for any permanent scarring resulting from a Tassimo coffee maker burn and – especially when a child has been scalded by a Tassimo coffee maker – consideration should be made for any ongoing psychological injury.

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