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Man Injured when Hit by Car in Tesco Car Park

June 5, 2014

A man was injured when he was hit by a car in Tesco car park after the driver of the vehicle lost control of his Volkswagen Golf.

The accident – which occurred at 10:00am on the morning of May 31st – was caused by a 74-year-old driver losing control of his Volkswagen Golf and hitting five cars and the Saturday morning shopper, before a crash barrier at the entrance to the supermarket prevented him from causing any more damage.

The man who was hit by the car in the Tesco car park received treatment at the scene of the accident from emergency personnel, but did not require hospital treatment. The driver of the vehicle was taken home by the police and has been reported to the procurator fiscal.

Witnesses who saw the accident at the Tesco supermarket in Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, estimated that the OAP´s Volkswagen Golf reached speeds of 40mph as it careered out of control. They said that the accident in Tesco car park could have been a lot worse had the car not hit the crash barrier, as it appeared to be heading straight for the large window at the front of the supermarket.

Dalkeith police confirmed that they had been called to a road traffic accident involving car cars (the five damaged cars and the OAPs Golf), while a spokeswoman for Tesco said that it had been an unfortunate accident and thankfully nobody had been seriously injured.

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Shopper Saves Woman after Accident in Waitrose

May 26, 2014

A shopper came to the rescue of a woman who was injured in an accident in Waitrose when a car reversed through the supermarket window.

Sam Richards (42) from Dunnington in Yorkshire came to the rescue of the unnamed woman when a Ford Fiesta, driven by an elderly female driver, accidently reversed through the front window of the Waitrose store in Foss Islands Road in York.

 Sam told the emergency services that attended the accident on Saturday 24th May that he had been queuing at the tills with his wife and daughter when he heard a loud bang like an explosion. He could hear somebody calling for help, and he ran over to the scene of the accident, where he could see a young woman trapped by the vehicle.

Sam was able to push the car back and, with help from supermarket employees, protected the badly cut shopped from the risk of further falling glass until paramedics took over. The young woman suffered cuts, bruises and shock, while the driver of the Ford Fiesta was temporarily trapped in her car but was uninjured.

Shoppers were evacuated from the supermarket and the store was closed after the accident in Waitrose while the debris was cleared away and the broken window boarded up. The supermarket was able to re-open as normal the following day.

A spokesperson from Waitrose said: “Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and we’re very grateful to the emergency services for their prompt and expert response.”

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South Yorkshire Police Car Accidents Account for Over 200 Injury Claims

January 21, 2012

A report released by the “Your Right to Know” campaign has revealed that police cars in South Yorkshire were responsible for 1,152 collisions in three years from April 2008, with 214 people picking up  injuries as a result.

The report also revealed that 731,510 pounds has been paid in car injury claims as a result of the accidents – a figure defended by South Yorkshire’s Temporary Chief Constable, Bob Dyson, who said “Police drivers receive a high standard of training to respond quickly and safely to emergencies. But sadly accidents can happen due to the nature of an officer’s duty.”

South Yorkshire Police Authority chairman Neil Bowles also defended the amount paid in car injury compensation stating that the number of police car accidents compared with the number of miles travelled by police cars every year meant, statistically, crashes were quite rare.

South Yorkshire Police Force has a fleet of 750 vehicles which includes response vehicles, crime scene investigation vans, dog cars and van to transport prisoners, which collectively cover more than 12 million miles annually. In the last year alone, South Yorkshire Police received 73,911 calls which were allocated the status of “immediate” – meaning that officers should use sirens and lights were necessary to attend the call within fifteen minutes.

In the UK, emergency vehicles displaying blue, red or green flashing lights have the right of way, however police drivers must still adhere with road safety rules and the Highway Code states that other road users should not place themselves in danger to avoid a police car or other vehicle on an emergency call.

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Broken Neck Compensation Agreed in Car Crash Injury Claims Action

January 15, 2012

A man, who was catastrophically injured when a truck trailer became detached and crashed on top of his car, has agreed a car crash injury claims action settlement of 1.4 million dollars from the truck owners.

William Geary, aged 60, of Medford, Oregon, was waiting at a red light in his Chevrolet Silverado on December 23rd 2011 when the trailer of a truck driven by Philip McCullough broke free and slammed into William´s vehicle, flattening the car and trapping the victim inside for 90 minutes before rescuers were able to cut him free. William was brought to hospital suffering from a broken neck and spinal injuries.

Following an investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff´s Department, McCullough was charged with careless driving and making an improper turn, however on inspection of the truck it was found that the brakes on the rear trailer were misaligned and also that the brake slack adjusters on the truck were mismatched.

William launched a car crash injury claims action against the owners of the truck – Express Transport Corp. – and shortly after the first anniversary of the tragic accident a negotiated settlement was agreed where William would receive 1.4 million dollars – 300,000 dollars for medical costs already incurred, 400,000 dollars for estimated future medical costs and 700,000 dollars in truck injury compensation for future loss of income and the deterioration in William´s quality of life.

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Child Passengers in Car Accident Injury Claims Action

December 14, 2011

Four children, who were passengers in a car accident when the vehicle driven by their mother was in collision with a Garda patrol car, have been awarded a total of 26,000 Euros in car accident injury claims damages.

Dean McEvoy (15) and his three sisters, Lauren (13), Cody (11) and Megan (10), were travelling with their mother – Lorraine McEvoy of Crumlin, Dublin – when the incident occurred on the Tallaght bypass in November 2005.

Judge Justice Matthew Deery, heard that the Garda patrol car that struck the McEvoy car was being driven “at some degree of urgency”, but without its siren or warning lights on.  Lorraine McEvoy and her four children all sustained soft tissue injuries as a result of the accident.

Mr Justice Matthew Deery also heard that the State had admitted liability for the accident only after a lengthy dispute was settled in the High Court and he was asked to approve agreed settlements of 6,000 Euros for Megan and Lauren, 6,500 Euros for Dean and 7,500 Euros for Cody who had been the worse injured of the child passengers in car accident.

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Car Accident Injury Claims Resolved for 6 Year Old Boy

December 12, 2011

A young boy, who was knocked down by a van as he played near his home, has had a car accident injury claim settlement of 17,500 Euros approved in the Circuit Civil Court.

Warren Lavelle (6) of Tallaght, Dublin, was struck by the van on July 13 2008, when he was only three years of age.

He sustained head injuries as a result of the accident and has been left with a permanent scar on his head.

The driver of the vehicle – John Connors, also of Tallaght, Dublin – admitted liability for the accident and, at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin, Judge Jacqueline Linnane heard that the case was before her to approve the agreed settlement.

Noting that the scar was still visible, Judge Linnane approved the car accident injury claim settlement of 17,500 Euros.

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