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C-section Claim for Death After Made Against HSE in Ireland

February 21, 2013

A man, whose wife passed away after she had given birth to their son via a Caesarean section procedure, has made a c-section claim death against the Health Service Executive in Ireland.

Dhara Kivlehan, aged 29 from County Sligo, had given birth to her son – Dior – on 21st September 2010 via a Caesarean section surgical procedure but, soon after the operation, suffered multiple organ shut-down secondary to HELLP syndrome – a variant of pre-eclampsia. Dhara was speeded to Belfast´s Royal Victoria Hospital to receive specialist emergency treatment, but died on September 29th.

Mr Kivlehan’s spouse – Kevin Kivlehan, 33-years-old, – asked the Belfast Coroner for an inquiry into Mrs Kivlehan’s death, but his request was turned down. Now he has requested the Coroner for Sligo to look into the events that occurred at the time of his wife’s death and made a claim against the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE).

No decision has yet been released by the coroner, but the HSE is expected to refute the claim for death after Caesarean, and the claims of breach of duty and negligence by Mr Kivlehan, after the symptoms of hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and a low latelet count were supposedly not recorded and medically treated in time to prevent his wife’s death.

A High Court ruling on whether the HSE have a case to answer in relation to the C-section claim death is expected soon

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