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Broken Neck Compensation Agreed in Car Crash Injury Claims Action

January 15, 2012

A man, who was catastrophically injured when a truck trailer became detached and crashed on top of his car, has agreed a car crash injury claims action settlement of 1.4 million dollars from the truck owners.

William Geary, aged 60, of Medford, Oregon, was waiting at a red light in his Chevrolet Silverado on December 23rd 2011 when the trailer of a truck driven by Philip McCullough broke free and slammed into William´s vehicle, flattening the car and trapping the victim inside for 90 minutes before rescuers were able to cut him free. William was brought to hospital suffering from a broken neck and spinal injuries.

Following an investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff´s Department, McCullough was charged with careless driving and making an improper turn, however on inspection of the truck it was found that the brakes on the rear trailer were misaligned and also that the brake slack adjusters on the truck were mismatched.

William launched a car crash injury claims action against the owners of the truck – Express Transport Corp. – and shortly after the first anniversary of the tragic accident a negotiated settlement was agreed where William would receive 1.4 million dollars – 300,000 dollars for medical costs already incurred, 400,000 dollars for estimated future medical costs and 700,000 dollars in truck injury compensation for future loss of income and the deterioration in William´s quality of life.

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