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Woman Suffers Suspected Broken Arm due to Accident in Asda

November 29, 2013

A woman was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm due to an accident in Asda when she was caught up in crowds of shoppers rushing into the store to snap up Black Friday bargains.

The accident happened at the Asda store in the Westwood Centre in West Belfast as hundreds of customers who had queued from the early hours of the morning rushed into the store to snap up a limited number of discounted televisions and tablet computers.

Angry scenes erupted outside the store when the bargain items quickly sold out and, in addition to the unnamed woman suffering a suspected broken arm in the accident at Asda, there were unconfirmed reports of a pregnant woman being injured and several pensioners being knocked to the ground.

A spokesperson from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service confirmed that they had attended the Westwood Centre at 8:30am and taken a woman to the Royal Victoria Hospital with a suspected broken arm after an accident in Asda, but was unable to elaborate on any other injuries at the store.

There were also reports of disgruntled customers waiting hours for the Asda Living Shop in North Belfast´s Citygate Shopping Centre to open, only to find that the heavily advertised discounted goods had not been delivered.

Asda later released a statement about the success of their Black Friday promotion – but failed to acknowledge that any customers had been injured in their stores. Their statement read:

“Throughout the event, the safety of our customers is of vital importance and to ensure our stores can cope with the extra footfall we have full security teams in our stores and extra colleagues to help assist customers in the aisles.”

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