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Shopper Saves Woman after Accident in Waitrose

May 26, 2014

A shopper came to the rescue of a woman who was injured in an accident in Waitrose when a car reversed through the supermarket window.

Sam Richards (42) from Dunnington in Yorkshire came to the rescue of the unnamed woman when a Ford Fiesta, driven by an elderly female driver, accidently reversed through the front window of the Waitrose store in Foss Islands Road in York.

 Sam told the emergency services that attended the accident on Saturday 24th May that he had been queuing at the tills with his wife and daughter when he heard a loud bang like an explosion. He could hear somebody calling for help, and he ran over to the scene of the accident, where he could see a young woman trapped by the vehicle.

Sam was able to push the car back and, with help from supermarket employees, protected the badly cut shopped from the risk of further falling glass until paramedics took over. The young woman suffered cuts, bruises and shock, while the driver of the Ford Fiesta was temporarily trapped in her car but was uninjured.

Shoppers were evacuated from the supermarket and the store was closed after the accident in Waitrose while the debris was cleared away and the broken window boarded up. The supermarket was able to re-open as normal the following day.

A spokesperson from Waitrose said: “Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and we’re very grateful to the emergency services for their prompt and expert response.”

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